Unlock Your Full Potential: How Multiple Mentors Can Catapult Your Success

Everyone benefits from have a mentor in their life. At some stage in our lives, we have all had someone who we’ve looked to for guidance, helped us solve problems, make decisions, challenge us, and support us to realize our aspirations.  Data clearly demonstrates that we benefit from having a mentor. But here is the kicker. Having only ONE mentor could do more damage than good.

It hadn’t really resonated with me until I was researching this post that having just ONE mentor has some downside. Despite how well meaning and intentioned the mentor is, their advice will be tainted by their own experiences and baggage – and whether good or bad – this will also then become part of your journey. It’s a single point of view, and it will be biased.

The same will be true whether you have one or ten mentors, the difference though is you can gain a more valuable outlook by triangulating from multiple mentors.  No one mentor is going to be the expert you...

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5 Strategies to Overcome the Comparison Trap and Embrace Your Unique Journey

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” This poetic quote, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, contains an intuitive truth we all know. It hurts to compare ourselves to others. Yet, we almost all do it. Why?

When we compare ourselves to others, we are allowing them to drive our behavior.

Comparison can be motivating, pushing us to match a peer’s success in the agility ring or following someone’s example in overcoming a challenge with their dog’s weave or start line.

But it can also be ugly. Instead, you might be overcome with envy, guilt, self-doubt or even despair. For example, a friend might have the seemingly perfect puppy and you’re struggling with off-lead recalls, aggressive behavior, and no retrieve at all! Or perhaps another friend is getting lots of attention on her social media posts and you’re not, leaving you feeling left-out and fill of self-doubt about why your posts are being ignored. Maybe you didn’t get the working spot...

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The Pitfalls of Aimless Training: Why Having Clear Purpose and Intent is Essential

Reflecting on my own training journey, I wanted to share what I've come to know through making mistakes and the passage of time. Read on to find out how to plan a great dog training session and why being intentional is critical to success!

How often have you set out to train your dog with no clear plan of what you're going to train, why you are training and for what purpose?  Or perhaps you have an idea of what you're going to train but haven't thought through 'why' you are training it. Perhaps your training feels a bit ad hoc, aimless even. Perhaps you are 'avoiding' what really needs work? Ring any bells? 

A clear understanding of the purpose or intention of your training session is an essential element to ensure you and your dog meet you full potential. 

So, what exactly does it mean to train intentionally?

Training with intent is being engaged in the present moment. It requires an eagerness and determination to perform the current task to the best of...

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Karen Morrison Agility Tip #2 - Building Brilliant Start-lines

start-lines Apr 14, 2023

Building Brilliant Start-lines

A reliable start-line routine is essential unless you can outrun your dog!

I've had my fair share of struggles building a reliable start-line routine - from having a rock-solid start-line with one dog to an 'understanding' with another than she won't take the first bar until I say so!

We've probably all been there - setting your dog up on the start-line, walking backwards facing your dog with your hand up saying "wait, wait, you wait!" or leading out and your dog suddenly passes you and you take off trying to catch-up after they've self-released.

It's not ideal, everything becomes rushed, and you can be on the backfoot before you even begin.

Before you begin

Before you even begin, you need to have a clear vision in your mind of what your start-line routine is going to look like, and what you are going to accept and not accept in terms of criteria from your dog. Will you accept any foot movement or movement from position, for example. Decide, and then...

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Karen Morrison Agility Tip #1 - Agility Brilliance & Your Learning History

Learning doesn't always come easy

It's so important to understand and work the dog in front of you when you begin your learning journey together. Sometimes, you have to throw your plan out the window and get creative! Sometimes, it just couldn't be easier. It can be a dream. But where's the fun in that!

Just because it worked with the first dog doesn't mean it will work with the next. I learnt that the hard way!

Learning doesn't always come easy. There may be a number of challenges to be worked through and overcome to help your dog learn new concepts and skills.

Take my young dog Brave, for example. My dream dog, everything I wanted. I was so excited about our journey together. He has given me the gift of learning and he's the gift that keeps on giving.

Someone recently said my youngest dog, Seeker, doesn't have a history of mistakes and behavior like my older boy Brave does. That really made me sit back and reflect. Seeker hasn't been allowed to fail in the same way as Brave has,...

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My Love Hate Relationship With Stopped Contacts

2o2o contacts Aug 20, 2020

I have a competitive streak. I admit it. I like to win.

This would be my undoing.

I thought my dog understood her two-paws-on/two-paws-off (2O2O) contacts but in October 2017 we hit the wall. My dog, Fate, started leaping from A-frames and dog walks like she had never been trained in her life. Our Agility nationals was a disaster.

I cried. I was lost. How did this even happen?

How was I going to fix this before I wrecked this amazing girl who wasn’t yet 3 years old?

I didn’t really understand the problem or how to resolve it.

If I’m honest, I was focused on outcomes. I wanted to do well. To win. I didn’t even realize what was happening until it was too late. My understanding and knowledge of how to train a successful 2O2O Contact was limited to shaping the 2O2O position.

I was about to find out there is a heck of a lot more to it than that.

Re-training a broken 2O2O Contact with my young Border Collie Fate would have to be ‘one’ of the most...

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